What connects us as human beings? 

How can we use what connects us to support each other’s healing?

I’m Julie Brown, a registered psychotherapist with over 20 years of clinical experience working in both healthcare and education.

Though my educational background began with a Bachelor of Music, then a Bachelor of Music Therapy, I now see I was always on a path to becoming a psychotherapist. With a Master’s Degree in Counselling psychology under my belt, I launched Tabono Therapy, my therapy practice, over a decade ago. Tabono Therapy specializes in providing individual therapy for adults as well as delivering employee wellness workshops and retreats. 

Hard topics draw me in. My interest in supporting people and their loved ones through life-threatening illness and grief has led to ongoing counselling as a consultant with Hospice Peterborough. In this role, I’ve also had the opportunity to launch a podcast with some trusted colleagues in the field called What Now? On the threshold of life, death, and grief. Now in it’s second season, What Now? has listeners in 49 countries worldwide, and over 10,000 downloads to date. 

Beyond my therapy practice, I have held senior leadership roles, most notably as the Executive Director and Director of Clinical Services for the Peterborough Family Health Team. 

But now I’m eager to share what I’ve learned along the way, with a series of workshops and presentations that reveal what’s hidden in our shared humanity, what makes us human, and how we’re a lot more alike in our struggles than we think. Check out my Workshops & Presentations page for more on that and let’s get in touch. 

Want to hear more of my story? 

You may be interested in my perspectives on living with a cancer diagnosis on the podcast, What Now? On The Threshold of Life, Death, and Grief, which I co-host with Red Keating and David Kennedy.