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Grief, trauma, loss, and burnout...

We know they exist in the workplace but finding the time – and perhaps, also the courage – to talk about them is another story. I have tools for going deeper at work and I want to share them with you and your team as engaging workshops and presentations.

Over the past decade, I have presented at conferences and employee wellness days. I have also led team retreats and have facilitated mindfulness group programming. Engaging my experience as a psychotherapist and as a senior leader in healthcare, along with the latest research in neurobiology and human development, my workshops and presentations get to the core of what connects us when it gets hard, and how we can cope. 

Below is an example of some of my workshops, but if you’re looking for something specifically customized for your team, let’s talk.  I am always researching, reading, and developing my knowledge so I can share it with others. 

current workshops & keynote presentations:

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Caring for Ourselves and our Teams:  Feeling the Burn(out)

The topics of self-care and burnout have received lots of attention during COVID-19 (and for good reason!). And yet, many of us continue to feel overwhelmed and depleted. For managers and leadership, this is multi-layered. We are supporting our teams, but we must also care for ourselves. This workshop takes a deep dive into current research on burnout. We’ll define it and determine how it shows up in our systems and at the individual level. We’ll also explore mindsets that set us up for burnout as well as reflections, strategies, and the impact of technology on burnout. We won't be talking about bubble baths, massages and going for a walk....this workshop goes deeper and encourages reflections at both our team and individual level.

This, Being Human

The stories and circumstances of our lives look very different, yet beneath the stories we humans are more alike than we are different. We need (and want) the same things. In this talk, we explore some of the ‘essential truths’ about what it means to be human. I share truths I have learned first as a psychotherapist but then, on a deeper level, as a cancer survivor. We talk about our human need for control and what that does to us (spoiler alert: it creates more suffering!), how turning towards death teaches us how to build a fulfilling life, and how being with our own vulnerability and humanness widens our capacity to show up for ourselves and for others.  

This talk is often given as a keynote address, however, it’s appropriate in any setting where the focus is on well-being, reflection, growth, healthy relationships and teams.

For more on living with a cancer diagnosis, you may be interested in my story on the podcast, What Now? On The Threshold of Life, Death, and Grief, co-hosted by myself, Red Keating, and David Kennedy. 

Grief is in the Building:  Leading During Times of Grief and Loss

Grief is all around us. Research estimates 1 in every 4 employees are in a grief process (e.g., death of a loved one, divorce/relationship endings, life transitions, miscarriages, ambiguous loss). Each year, over 30 days of absence per grieving worker is logged. While there is no cure for grief, supporting our employees/teams through the bereavement process can make an enormous difference in terms of morale, leave of absences, and long-term physical and mental health of employees. This workshop will explore how grief is showing up in the workplace, how to support our teams and ourselves, and strategies to help us carry the burden of it. The workshop will be interactive and encourages reflections and strategy sharing. 

Self Care and Technology: Why We Need to Unplug to Recharge

Most of us are aware that technology use is impacting our well-being. However, it’s so integrated into all facets of our lives that we may not have paused long enough to reflect on its full impact. This presentation does a deep dive into the latest research on technology use, its impact on our well-being, and strategies to make sure we are using it …and it’s not using us!

Being Trauma Informed in the Workplace – or sometimes called – Understanding Trauma, Understanding Ourselves (and Others!)

We often miss how trauma shows up in people, groups, and our teams. It is estimated that 6 out of 10 employees have experienced at least one trauma. Trauma has its roots in our behaviour, thoughts, emotions, how we cope with stress and conflict, and our relationships. When we understand trauma, we understand the people we work with. This workshop provides a comprehensive understanding of psychological trauma so that our workplaces can be a place of safety and security, which in turn, creates the conditions for workplace engagement, productivity and creativity. 

Coping with Loss Over the Holidays

While the holidays can feel like the most wonderful time of year for many, those struggling with grief can feel even more isolated. While we primarily associate grief with the death of a loved one, grief and loss happen in many aspects of life. This presentation provides ideas and strategies for coping with loss over the holidays. 

Stress Happens: How Mindfulness Helps us Grow Resilience

This talk will explore why we get stressed and what happens in the brain and body when we are stressed. An overview of mindfulness, and it’s power to help soothe the mind and body, reducing stress and cultivating inner wisdom and peace, will be discussed and practiced. The workshop will include short and simple mindfulness exercises; with the goal of leaving participants feeling relaxed and with another tool for their own self-care. 

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"We have had the pleasure of having Julie speak at several of our annual conferences.  Not only are her presentations engaging and informative, but she speaks with such knowledge, passion and thoughtfulness that our guests are consistently raving about her insightfulness. She marries data and experiential material into something relatable with recommendations and tangible actions. As a keynote speaker she holds the attention of the room and is often found afterwards surrounded with a queue of guests vying to talk to her on a deeper level."

Laura Kennedy

VP, Marketing & Communications

Peak Benefit Solutions Inc.