WORKSHOPS & Presentations

I have 10 years experience presenting at conferences, employee wellness days, leading team retreats, and facilitating mindfulness group programming. These workshops are influenced by  my experience as a psychotherapist and Leader/manager in healthcare within the context of the latest research in neurobiology and human development.  

Below is an example of some of my workshops, but please contact me if you would like something specifically customized for your team.  I am always researching, reading, and developing my knowledge for new workshop presentations.

Stress Happens:  Using Mindfulness to Cope and Thrive

This talk will discuss why we get stressed and what happens in the brain and body when we are stressed.  An overview of mindfulness and it’s power to help soothe the mind and body, reducing stress and cultivating inner wisdom and peace, will be discussed and practiced.  The workshop will include short and simple to implement mindfulness exercises which will hopefully leave participants feeling relaxed and peaceful and with another tool for their own self care.

Mindfulness for Educators

Similar to Stress Happens, but customized for educators, with a specific focus on applying mindfulness in the classroom and on educator well-being and stress management. .  

Mindfulness for Caregivers

Similar to Stress Happens, but customized for those in a caregiving role.  

The Technology Trance

Technology and screens have infiltrated our lives in almost all domains.  In many areas, we have benefited greatly from it, yet it's also creating new concerns that we have never before had to address.  This workshop will explore the ways we are using technology - is it using us, or are we using it? We are often reaching for our phones when we are anxious, upset, bored and dysregulated.  Unfortunately technology often doesn't provide the comfort and regulation we are seeking. This workshop will encourage us to reflect on how we are using technology. It will also review the neurobiology research on how the overuse of technology impacts our brain and our mental health. Lastly, the workshop will explore how mindfulness  can be used to create a more meaningful interaction with technology.

Grief and Loss in the Workplace

Loss  is part of life for all humans.  Combine this fact with how much time we spend at work and we can understand that grief and loss is showing up in the workplace constantly.  This workshop is for employees and managers and addresses how grief and loss affects who we are in the workplace (it’s not all about crying and sadness).  It will help us understand ourselves better as people who have experienced loss, support our co-workers and how to be an effective manager to employees. The workshop will also briefly discuss traumatic loss, especially when it directly affects the workplace.   This workshop will explore loss as a broad concept (i.e. death, divorce and separation, “empty nest,” life transitions, illness, etc)

Working with Difficult People; what can mindfulness teach us?

This is not another workshop that teaches how to have hard conversations!  This workshop has originated from years as a therapist and later as a leader/manager.  In my experience, I’ve come to learn that the people we struggle with most at work are because we have an underlying trigger that has its roots in a past negative experience in our life. Through the use of inquiry and mindfulness, we explore how to be curious about our triggers, how to cultivate insight and wisdom from these triggers and finally, how this arising wisdom can help us cope in these difficult interpersonal dynamics at work.  

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