Julie's Approach

I believe psychotherapy must be guided by strong theoretical practice. Although I have trained in many modalities, I most align myself with Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT). This is a compassionate and non-judgemental approach that underscores the importance of identifying and learning to ‘be with’ emotions. It’s human nature to move away from distressing feeling states, yet our feelings hold valuable information and wisdom. In therapy we gradually, and in a safe way, learn how to identify and be with our feelings so we can access the wisdom that our emotions provide. Over time, as we become curious and open to our emotions we can determine what are helpful and unhelpful reactions, thoughts and behaviours that arise from our feelings.

My practice is also deeply influenced by mindfulness practice. This is something I practice myself and have taught hundreds of people about through group mindfulness programs and workshops. This practice aligns well with EFT because it teaches us how to be aware of our moment to moment experience (including emotions). It teaches us how to be present and how to work with our often busy, distracted and anxious minds. To learn more about my mindfulness practice and workshops, please click here.

The "Tabono", an African symbol representing strength and perseverance.