Clinical Supervision

I provide clinical supervision for new and practising psychotherapists in the greater Peterborough area. I meet all the CRPO expectations of clinical supervisors.

For more information, please review CRPO guidelines

As in the provision of psychotherapy, finding the right ‘fit’ for clinical supervision is critical. Clinical supervision should be a time to discuss your clinical work and growth as a therapist in a transparent and honest manner. In my own past experience as a supervisee, I found that a willingness to be vulnerable, to discuss all aspects of our work (what we are proud of, what we are worried and concerned about, where we are ‘stuck’ or uncertain, ethical issues) is needed to achieve optimal use of supervision and professional growth. Thus, to make the most of your learning, I encourage and expect openness and vulnerability in our clinical supervision time. I recognize this openness requires trust and commit to working with you to create an optimal learning environment for you. To discuss further, please contact me.

Clinical supervision fee is $120.

Group supervision is also available, please contact me to discuss.